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Andrea 1F5

Early Television:

Documentation: Andrea 1F5 television receiver


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Andrea 1F5

While television was introduced in Britain in 1936 and in Germany 1935, the U.S.-Americans waited with the introduction until 1939. Their leading company, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) wanted to develop a well-engineered television system before it was introduced to the public. The experiences in Germany with the introduction of a 180 line tv system first and later updates caused many troubles since the older tv sets could not receive the newer television broadcasts.
The U.S. tried to avoid such troubles. With 525 lines at 30 frames per second, a television system was developed which has sufficient resolution to show even details on the screen. Regular U.S. television broadcasting started on April 30, 1939, with a telecast of President Franklin D. Roosevelt opening the New York World's Fair.

Andrea 1F5 Andrea 1F5

The Andrea 1F5 was one of the television sets of the first hour. The brand "Andrea" is named after Frank Angelo D'Andrea. D'Andrea used "Andrea" as well as "FADA" (i.e. the initials of his name) as brand names for his television sets. The cabinet of this set here has been restored to an original lacquer finish by the craftsmen at Old World Antiques of Columbus Ohio. The wood grain and veneer work on the cabinet are stunning examples of the art. The rubber gasket around the CRT has some fine crazing in the surface, but is still pliable. The grille cloth is original.

Andrea 1F5 Andrea 1F5

The cathode ray deflection is electrostatic with an angle of 30 degrees. The high voltage of 2,500 volts for the picture tube is mains derived and therefore lethal like in many other prewar sets. The video IF is 12.75 MHz, the audio IF is 8.25 MHz. The set was re-capped, and is in good working order. The tuner is set up for Channel 2 and 3. Installed in the set is a new old stock Ken-Rad JAN - CKR- 5BP4 VT111 CRT, which provides a reasonably bright picture. The original 5AP4 picture tube, which came with the set, is very dim like many others of this type.

Andrea 1F5 Andrea 1F5

With a 5 inch diameter picture tube, the picture is quite small, not suitable for watching television for many people at the same time. The Andrea 1F5 was one of the cheaper sets with a price of $189.50. The 1F5 was available as a complete tv set as well as in a kit form. The kit model had no cabinet and was supplied only with a front panel. 17 of these sets have survived.




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