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The experiment

To some prerequisites we want to refer you, if you like to take part in this experiment:

  1. This is a scientific game with many imponderables. Send to us if possible an


    and tell us your opinion.
    PK-Cumulation Telemech (26 runs Blüte - 26 runs Waben) Cumulation with no PK-Influence of a subject (26 Control runs) After 20 or 30 runs the cumulation must show like the diagrams at the right and left side. The runs with no voluntary influence must show similar to the right one, with PK-influence like the left diagram. If you won't do the calculations for the diagrams, you can send us the scores by email and we will do it for you.
  2. All psychokinesis tests running at present have the disadvantage that they need long online sessions. We decided in favor of an on-line cost saving to develop the test in such a way that it can continue after you went offline in the practising mode (for scientific purposes the use of seed numbers is available, but the computer can also create a seednumber for itself). In order to lower online costs, you wait, until the Java window is completely loaded after start with all its diagrams, let your Browser opened and go offline. Now you can do runs again and again with several seednumbers or the system time clock as seed generator. If you wish to leave this page or send an eMail, the Browser will be automatically again online.
  3. Meditations and concentration exercises at the computer display can lead with some humans to convulsions and confusion statuses. In such cases you have to abort the run immediately. Furthermore you should not watch longer than 15 minutes the display, before you make a break. We do not take over any adhesion for health and financial damage, which can arise for this page from the call.
  4. It is naturally also possible to play this play without psychokinetic intentions, even for two people. One votes for honeycombs, the other one for flower. Who obtained the higher result after ten runs, won. However no guarantee for the fact can be taken over by our page that the results are not influenced by secret psychokinetic activity of the fellow player to his favour.
  5. Demonstration and funktion control.
  6. Test run for practicing.
  7. Test run with record intention and seed number.

© Eckhard Etzold, 1998-7-31

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