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An interpretation for unusual human machine interactions could be looked up within the area of the observer-produced realties. From quantum physics the following effect is well-known: If I try to watch an electron in an experiment as particles, then that succeeds to me. If I try to assume it as a wave, then succeeds also. Crucially for this first contradictory result is fewer the condition of an electron, but rather the role of the observer, who observes quantum-physical processes. That is, the process of assuming, observing influenced already the result and brings a subjective into the objective physical process of measuring Component also inside, which changes the experiment considerably. We can assume a similar process also here with these random experiments: The observer and the random process are connected to a systemic unit, to a Organizational Closure (F. Varela). Simplified said: the interactions, thus those of observing, occurring within these Organizational Closure, requiring and the stochastic process influence each other mutually, which a reactive vacuum on the other page faces visual feedback (= display) on the page with stronger wishes, which is filled out by a subtle "probability shift effect". Tests by the way resulted in that for the success of such a random experiment a feedback is almost indispensable. Only so both processes, the stochastic process and expectations of the observer can take reference one on the other, - they become back reactionable. Now however not in such a manner that a magic strength was exerted here on the random number generator. All investigations of the random numbers, which such a "more influenced" random number generator produced, left do not detect anywhere the influence of other forces and fields. The observer seemed to have always course-seized - in a now however nevertheless mystery and unusual way - in the correct instant. He got - more frequently than mathematic law allowed - with the selection of the random number sequence a random sequence, which existed in a reference to his intention and was suitable to shift the total deviation result into the significant area. As said, the random numbers themselves and their distribution altogether remained in the normal distribution. But the selection of the random sequence for a psychokinesis run had the inclination to pick more significant hits out than it may be possible after exspection. Here a nonlocal correlation seems to be present, those by spatiotemporal references to be detached can and still another scientific clarifying requires (more to this theoretical background you find by Walter von Loucadu: Psi phenomena - New realizations of the Psychokinese research, Frankfurt/Main and Leipzig 1997).

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