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Already in the Bible one can read about the faith, which shifts mountains, and about Jesus it is reported that on his bare a whole storm suddenly became quiet and the sea was calm. In both cases one can notice a psycho-physical power, perhaps by only thought activity to physical articles, the technical term for it is psychokinesis. Which was referred until recently still in the realm of the fantasy and the science fiction, meanwhile has become the subject of serious scientific research. Originally there was in the seventies an experiment of the German-American psi researcher Helmut Schmidt in McDonnell-Douglas' entrance hall for waiting visitors. They could try to influence a random number generator controlled by radioactive decay. They successfully did it. This "riding" on the flank of the probability distribution of realities is the subject of the discussion around quantum realities. Outgoing from the Einstein Podolsky Rose - Paradoxon now experiments were made for the influence of quantum realities by brain activity. At the Princeton University is workling a research group (PEAR), to investigate the possibility of machine control by the power of thoughts. At the University of Freiburg researchers are looking for test subjects for an investigation of unusual man-machine interactions. We offer here exclusively a self experiment to you, alone by consciousness to influence a machine (the computer) and to get with it into interaction. Who would like to deal more with the theory of the controlling of physical processes by the immaterial influence of the spirit should read the book of the brain researcher and Nobelprize winner John C Eccles: How the Self Controls Its Brain. Eccles describes quantum brain interactions of mens' spirit which doesn't hurt physically laws.
You can see in the experiment a bee, which - by random number generator controlled - runs around in a screen window and stops in the picture of flower or in the picture of the honeycombs. Take a relaxed attitude and try to induce however by thought concentration the bee to the flowers or to the honeycombs. Concentrate on the bee, and imagine, it would be something of your personality. If the bee is waiting, consider, where it has to run to, so that your result will be improved (imagine actively, how the bee run backwards, turn around or briefly run forward). Alternatively you can try also mentally to lure the bee into the desired field or scare away from the unwanted field. If you intend to experience unusual effects which suggest the hypothesis of a psychokinetic effect on your computer, make sure that you do not make too many runs consecutively. Otherwise "success" which can be observed could be reduced (Decline effect). The best chances you have, if you make in one period of two weeks approx. 40 to 60 single runs (one single run = a run of 60 seconds). Furthermore you should, if you can foresee that a negative value comes, do not diminish in your mental effort. Negative values must occur. Otherwise you had abolish random chance but this seems impossible (until now). You can weaken the negative value if you get it. Negative values are detected, when in the lower rainbow color scale the pointer moves in the opposite direction of the target window.

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