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Introduction to the project:

Human behaviour all over the world more and more is understood in terms of competition or struggle against each other. Globaly people perceive each other as rivals in economy and politics, education and science, sports, culture and even religion. Equally the evolution of all life is considered to be mere struggle for existence or superiority. Competition seems to be the only motive or impetus in nature, man and society.
Social conduct, mutual support, holding together or cooperation in this view only serve to better manage the contest for individual chances.

In reality cooperation and holding together may belong to man as natural gifts even more than competition. Evidence is given in the project presented below.

Originally man only could survive in groups by holding together and mutual aid. Therefore the human intellect has been developed in terms of social intelligence, different from a mere logical intelligence known from computers. Related to others man by social intelligence is able to realize five antagonistic aspects at the same time. To this the five fingers give a vivid illustration, since our hand is the visible part of our brains. The five fingers grasp simultanously and so man “conceives” his complicated relationships. Going through those five aspects along the five fingers one gets a finger rhyme, a finger-post to peace.

Finger rhymes are a means of very ancient times to count on the fingers what is essential to man. Strange enough this simple and beautiful wisdom has been forgotten for many centuries. Alive it is merely in the world of children.

Since technical thinking dominates social intelligence has been neglected. All over the world however those five fingers have remained the same to all men. Therefore the finger rhyme couldhelp to manage the urgent transition to a sustainable order of life, which takes care of the interest of all beings. Even so human hand provides a key to better understand man in

  1. anthropology,
  2. practical orientation,
  3. religion,
  4. law.
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