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Finger-balance, key to religion

The religious world of Jews, Christians and Moslems traditionally perceives God as a “lord” or king, almighty and ruling from above by means of his law, i.e. dominatimg and controling the world and especially man by his endless power, wisdom and love. Such faith however is the heritage of feudal times, legitimizing human lordship, law and order and even war. It cannot be convincing along with today's ideas of democracy and non-violent peace and not even is the faith of Mose, Jesus and probably Mohammed too.

The early religious tradition out of which those three religions did develop, names God preferably in terms of freedom, thruth, justice, love and life. All five are notions of partnership or reciprocity and exactly are those, which joint in the human hand.
God in the original belief does not rule from above by law and punishment but acts as a partner, friend, confederate or lover. This clearly is found and given evidence in the so-called Old Testament, which those three religions refer to. Also it is well-known the expression “lord” resp. “dominus” to be a misleading, actually false translation of the Hebrew JHWH, already in prechristian, hellenistic times, today read “Jahwe” or earlier “Jehova”.

It follows that those three religions are confronted today by the huge task or responsibility to revise their way of naming God, because fundamentalism of all three religions endangers peace worldwide. The basis of fundamentalism is the concept of the absolutely reigning law given by a ruling lord. The finger-rhyme used in the Old Testament to formulate the Ten Commandments, is of decisive help to get back to the authentic faith.

Gesang gegen die herrschende Meinung. Das Vaterunser ein Fingerreim.

Book (in German)

Gesang gegen die herrschende Meinung

Das Vaterunser - ein Fingerreim, Eberhard Fincke
Radius-Verlag Stuttgart, 2000, 102 S., 17,- Euro.

order from editor: Radius-Verlag, Olgastr. 114, 70180 Stuttgart


Author shows, that the so far unsolved question regarding the origin of the Lord's Prayer may be answered to some extend. The Lord's Prayer read along the five fingers perfectly forms a finger rhyme, similar to the Ten Commandments as they are read in the original tradition of the Hebrew bible.
The finger rhyme gives access to the Lord's Prayer in its authentic meaning, although we do not have the original aramaic version, only the Greek, since the human hand did not change in the mean time.

The interpretation in terms of the finger rhyme also opens up new and authentic insights in the general meaning of christianity.
The Lord's Prayer spoken as finger rhyme is a helpful means of self-experience to everybody. This practise also helps to get a reliable and clear view considering political and social problems of today.

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