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Michael Beck

Michael Beck

Our philosophy

If we want the earth to remain or return to to be a place worth living on, we have to change the methods of food production and the way we eat.

To do this, everyone can make his or her contribution by buying organically grown, largely natural and little processed food. As a result the Earth's resources are conserved and in the long run this serves your personal health as well.

For us environmental protection means to offer locally sourced goods therefore avoiding long transport with this contributing to sustain workplaces in the area.

We ensure GMO-free, as far as still possible, and the waiving of synthetic preservatives and dyes, artificial flavors is of important concern to us. Did you know that artificial flavors, also known as natural flavors, are usually artificially produced? It is enough to manufacture them from natural materials such as: strawberry flavors are made usually of wood chips!

In organic farming no pesticides (fungicides or herbicides such as: Roundup) are used, only mineral fertilizer and compliance are used and the methods are controlled by recognised associations like BIOLAND, GÄA, Naturland, DEMETER, etc.. These organizations have higher standards beyond the legally requirements of the EC organic regulation for organic agriculture.

We use energy supplied by Naturstrom, a natural energy company, so that we protect the environment and promote the expansion of renewable energy sources.

Company portrait

We are a health food pioneer. Kornblume opened on April 1st in 1981 as a pioneer of the then growing ecological and environmental movement and has grown since then constantly.Starting on 45 square meters we offered a continously widend range of organic products.

In the early years we ordered by phone for a well stocked shop, the goods beeing delivered on the next day. Today approximately 2000 goods are controlled by an electronic merchandise management system. Now three times a week we order at the wholesaler via computer in the morning and in evening the goods arrive already. Local suppliers bring fresh bread and pastries, dairy products, also fruit and vegetables are locally sourced. If something is not available, we will complement it first by german and then european producers.

In addition to this you find specialties, like cheese and wine from european countries and gourmet foods of international manufacturers, such as tea, coffee and spices.

The range is completed by natural cosmetics of various manufacturers.

Owner Michael Beck about his concept: "we attach importance to a friendly and personal atmosphere, most of the customers we know by name. Our demands are high. We prefer the traditional farming associations, such as: Bioland, Demeter, and Naturland, whose standards go far beyond the EC regulations for organic farming. If this quality is not available we choose products that meet at least EC organic standards. Also we question the need of certain products whether we or repectively our customers need to use them. The same applies to goods flown in."

Our commitment to sustainability

1. We source our electricty from Naturstrom.

2. Fruit and vegetables whereever seasonally possible are sourced from the organic farms in the neighbourhood and a grower from Wolfenbüttel e.g. rare tomato varieties. The whole grains are also from these farms.

3. Eggs and potatoes (only a short interruption in the spring) are all year round grown locally.

4. We support the Verein ASt (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Streuobstwiesen)=(work community orchards) by selling the fruits harvested from the meadows (apples, pears, plums, quince)

5. Our daily fresh pastries come from regional bakers, who use the grain from the farms of the area for their baking.

6. We take oilseeds, if they exist, from Germany or Europe.

7. We prefer the accepted farming associations, for fresh products as well as for the processed goods.

8. We order primarily at the regional wholesaler.

9. For the store cleaning and hygiene, we only use products from Sodasan.

10. The paper towels and toilet paper are made from recycled paper.

11. We have established a cotton bags loansystem. Customers give us their bags and we give it for free to the customers, with the request to bring them back and, if necessary, new addition to donate.

12. We order no flying goods.

More information

Since May 2. 2006 we are located next door of the original business with now 100 sqm of retail space.

We are since 01.04.2007Logo Dr. Hauschka depot

and now all the cosmetic series products can offer you.
Dr.Hauschka cosmetics is a registered trademark of WALA Heilmittel GmbH, 73085 Bad Boll

You can pay conveniently with ec-card from a purchase value of 10 €.

Delivery can be arranged within or close to Wolfenbüttel when ordering for 50 € or above.

For pre-orders of bundles you will receive 5% discount on the regular retail price. Special offers, season prices, dairy products and baby food, due to low premiums, are excluded.

We would be pleased if we may welcome you in our store.

Michael Beck and the sales team of Kornblume

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