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A Guitar School for Beginners

by Eckhard Etzold, © 1987 - 2003

1: The Fundamentals (Chords, Strumming Patterns and Songs)
2: Finger Pickings
3: The Polyphone Melody Playing
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  1. * Preface
  2. * Video Playback and Sound playback, Check of Soundcard
  3. * The Guitar: The Instrument
  4. * Guitar Tuning I: The own PC as a Guitar Tuner!

    Part 1: The Fundamentals (Chords, Strumming Patterns and Songs)

  5. * Chords: C, G7
  6. * We play the first Song: Rock my Soul
  7. * Song: He's got the whole World
  8. Chord: F-Major
  9. Song: Kumbajah, my Lord
  10. Song: Oh when the Saints...
  11. Song: Der Kuckuck und der Esel
  12. Theory: Sounds and Music
  13. The first Melody Playing: Le Réve
  14. Solo: M.A. Charpentier: Te Deum
  15. Guitar Tuning II: How learn to listen
  16. New Chords: E-Major, a-minor and G-Major
  17. Song: What shall we do with the drunken Sailor
  18. Exercise: G-Major, change of chords
  19. Chord: D7, Song: Tom Dooley
  20. Song: In einen Harung jung und schlank...
  21. Chord: e- and d-minor, Song: Michael, row the Boat ashore, Capodaster
  22. Chord: A7, Song: Ein Mann, der sich Kolumbus nannt
  23. Song: Mein Michel, was willst du noch mehr
  24. Solo: Le Réve, part 2
  25. Song: Das Bürgerlied

    Part 2: Pickings

  26. Introduction: Fingerpicking
  27. Chord: A-Major, 3/4 Picking, Song: Die Gedanken sind frei
  28. Chord: D-Major, Song: House of the risin' Sun
  29. Exercise: Folk-Picking, Song: Whiskey in the jar
  30. Guitar Tuning III: Flageolett-Tuning and more

    Part 3. The Polyphone Melody Playing

  31. Solo: Le Réve (Full Version)
  32. Introduction: The Classical Guitar
  33. Exercise: Fingerboard and Layers, Solo: Jesus bleibet meine Freude
  34. Solo: M. A. Charpentier: Praeludium of "Te Deum"
  35. Solo: L.V. Beethoven: Song of Joy
  36. Solo: J.S. Bach: Minuett
  37. Solo: J.S. Bach: Bourée in e-moll
  38. Solo: J.S. Bach: Jesus meine Freude
  39. Solo: W.A. Mozart: Song of Papageno (Magic flute)
  40. Solo: G.W.F. Händel: "Komm, himmlische Freiheit"
  41. End: What's going on? - Links


  42. Chord chart: The most important guitar chords
  43. The 3/4 Picking as an Example for Playing with different Chords
  44. Transpose: Notes on the Fingerboard, Capodaster
  45. Listing of Songs, Sounds and Solos

Online Guitar School Interactive: 

Try the exercises and the songs and if you have a microphone please make recordings of them. Cut a half minute sequence and send it to us via E-Mail.

You have to convert a WAV-file into a MP3 file or a RealAudio file by using 32 KBit data format, attach it to the E-Mail and send it to
[Guitar Course Interactive] Guitar Course Interactive.
We will write you and give you any support which is available for uns in words, audio oder video. In this way you get encouragement and feedback.

Would you like to learn the guitar playing? Here is a free online Guitar Course: The songs are explained and can be heard via RealAudio, the melody and solo music were recorded in full length midi files.

Listen For listening the playback a soundcard with speakers has to be installed on your PC.
Video Pickings and rhythms are demonstrated in short video clips.

If you are interested after examination of this guitar school to learn guitar with it, make sure that your browser preferences are adjusted for offline browsing. At least 8 megabyte of Cache should be required.

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