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[Gitar Course]Gitar Course


There are many ways to learn guitar: you can get lessons by a professional guitar teacher, you can learn in guitar schools in groups. You can learn guitar at home without any support by teachers only using a book. You can learn guitar together with friends which show you chords, pickings and tricks.

For myself I think the best way is to learn guitar in lessons from a professional guitar teacher. The personal communication, the support, the possibility of asking when there are any handicaps, all this is available in personal education. But not everyone finds a teacher in this surrounding. And if you have found a teacher for your interests and needs, the question will remain whether you find a scheduled time for the lessons.

Guitar learning by using a book is very difficult. You can't ask a book if you have questions which lie outside the range of the books content. You can't get support, you can't get encouragement. The book can't adapt the lessons to your personal needs and abilities.

This online guitar school here is more than a book. It provides beside the written word and the graphs audio examples and video clips too. You, the user of this course can write to us, and so we can adapt this course to your personal needs. But this course is less than personal teaching from face to face. Nevertheless, we are proud to offer you this free guitar course and we hope your life will become richer by making music and enjoying guitar. Your evangelical-lutheran Parish St. Jakobi in Brunswick, Pastor Eckhard Etzold.

[Concert guitar] [Western guitar] The guitar has six strings. There are concert guitars with nylon strings, which can be played easily and are well suitable for beginners. Besides there are Western or Folk guitars with strings of steel, they are less suitable for beginners, because playing on the substantially harder steel strings is too exerting and strength complex. Electrical guitars (e-guitars) again possess light steel strings, can be played more simply than Western guitars, require however because of their electronic sound processing their own amplifying technology. For the beginning a concert guitar would be the best choice for learning. Before the purchase it is meaningful to look around with an experienced guitar player for a used guitar.

Many guitar schools and guitar books do exist. One can learn classical guitar with notes (very laboriously at the beginning but will lead to a clean play technology!), Rhythm & Blues, Flamenco (Spanish guitar), song company with chords, Folk guitar or solo guitar et cet.. I got my first instruction in playing the guitar 1976 by Immo Brauch, who teached me pathfinder songs and Folksongs of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger.

Who would like to put his emphasis on classical guitar or Flamenco, should absolutely learn guitar playing by notes. Who would like to play cords for song company, Folkguitar, Beat and Pop music, can learn instead of notes the tablature script. This is much easier for the beginner. I offer you an introduction in guitar playing for folk and solo play with tablatur. You should have fun while making music. This course is constantly developed. In addition your feedbacks are important for me: What has to be better explained? Where are gaps or which is particularly well succeeded? All this helps me to adapt the school to the needs of those for which it is meant. Write me! After learning the first pieces of solo guitar a guitar school for advanced playing in a close city should be visited.

The songs and pieces of instrument music can be played by clicking at the refers sound examples in the text. Most of the instrumental music is available in midi format. For playback of the song examples the installation of the RealAudio player is necessary. Choose the free basic player.

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